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Request a meal

This meal request form is open from Monday to Wednesday, or until we hit our capacity. Requests must be made weekly and limit 1 family meal per household. Serving 80 households per week, we prep and cook Thursday nights.  We portion and package up Friday nights. We offer meal pick-ups in addition to deliveries. We plan all routes (and pick-ups) on Friday mornings when our lists are finalized Thursdays. Delivery is made on Saturday from 10am-1pm. Someone from your household must be available to receive.  A text message will be sent upon delivery. We will only contact ahead if there is a question on the information you provided.

Meal Pick-up will be from our kitchen between 10am-11am.

Sketched Notice Board

Family Meal
delivery sat, June 3 

sweet mustard chicken or tofu (V) with couscous
and veggies 

1 meal feeds 4
no cost, no questions

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